Skycaddie - R&A rule change

As of January 2008 the use of GPS measuring devices got the go ahead from the R&A. This means that at club level the Skycaddie GPS Golf Rangefinder can be used in club competition providing a local rule has been sanctioned by the Club Committee.

The Pros have had the advantage of having up to date course information at their fingertips as well as having a caddie to assist in yardages and shot selection. Now the amateur golfer equipped with a Skycaddie device can enjoy the same advantages.

Skycaddie SGX Now Shipping

The new Skycaddie SGX has eventually got its UK release date and is now available for pre-order and should be shipping from the 2nd week in May.
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The Skycaddie range comes in various flavours. The most popular device is the skycaddie sg5 . This device features a full colour screen and displays an array of course information.
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For the player who would like a unit that is a little smaller then the skycaddie sg25 would fit the bill. It displays all the information needed to assist in club selection at about half the price of the Skycaddie SG5.
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New for 2010 is the entry level skycaddie sg2.5 lite which displays front, centre and back of green yardages. This unit allows a software upgrade to full SG2.5 functionality if required at a later date.
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Compare SkyCaddie SG5, SG2.5 and SG2.5 Lite Rangefinders

skycaddie sgx  skycaddie sg5  skyadddie sg2.5 

skyadddie sg2.5 lite 

Skycaddie GPS Golf Rangefinder

Eons ago, golfers would rely on the expertise of knowledgeable caddies to navigate their way around hazards on a golf course. A game designed for two made perfect sense then and makes even more sense now. The most important role of a Caddie is not to carry the golf bag, put to provide critical distance information that allows a Tour Player to focus on more important matters such as shot execution. Unfortunately, professionals are the only golfers to routinely utilize the services caddie provide, placing amateur golfers at a significant disadvantage. Today’s golfer has to do the caddie’s job and focus on their game at the same time. They simply can not do both roles effectively, stay focused on shot execution and play at a reasonable pace. Without a caddie, or the tools necessary to play their best golf, golfers play at a significant disadvantage – until now. Enter the Skycaddie GPS Rangefinder. The golfer now has the same on course information at his fingertips. With one click of the button on the Skycaddie device the golfer has the exact yardage displayed to the green, pin position and any of the hazards that have been mapped.

Skycaddie on the course

After gaining permission and insight from the local golf professionals, the Skycaddie certified professionals physically visit each course. They meticulously walk, map, record, and triple check for accuracy every possible target that might come into play. We know that you want the most accurate information. Skycaddie professionals only use high precision survey-grade equipment to obtain the highest possible accuracy of all data points on the course. The Skycaddie range of GPS devices include the top of the range Skycaddie SG5

Less expensive methods, such as taking satellite images, are never used because we believe these methods are unreliable and not accurate enough for golfers.The result is a map that is both accurate and up-to-date, plus the added benefit of a professional caddie's experience. As a result, you end up with proven results that only SkyCaddie can provide. We work with each of our golf courses individually to provide you with the latest in course management.

Membership Plans

Membership plans for the Sky Caddie rangefinders start at £29.95 per annum and upgrades are available if you plan to play farther afield in other countries. Further details can be found at the Sky Caddie Membership Details page.

SkyCaddy Reviews

We have selected a few reviews that show some compelling reasons to purchase the Skycaddy rangefinder. To be quite fair we have scoured the internet and can't find a negative review. OK the Sky Caddy device may not be for the purist who thinks that they take some of the skill out of the game. But in our opinion if it's good enough for the pros it's more than acceptable for us mere mortals.
Visit the Skycaddy reviews page.

New Products for 2010

Already released and in the shops is the cut down version of the SG2.5 known as the Skycaddie SG2.5 Lite. This is a compact unit that will appeal to the golfer who only requires to know the distances from any where on the course to the front, centre and back of the greens.

The much anticipated SGX unit has still to be shipped in the UK after delays with the US release date. It is expected to hit our shores some time in April, but until then you can go ahead and read the Skycaddie SGX review.

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